The strengths of the Flux Project

More recently, I learned about the wonderful Flux project. I became a part of the Foreteller family and I am very happy about it. The project aims to be a DAO driven network.

Flux is a cross-chain oracle aggregator that gives smart contracts access to economically secure streams of data about anything. The project provides smart contracts and applications with easy access to economically secured data sources in the chain.

Project Flux boasts such strengths as:

    - Can use the wisdom of crowd consensus to aggregate information about almost anything.
    - Connect to APIs to create new use cases — from esports markets to weather derivatives.
    - Flux easily integrates major cryptographic oracles into one stream with economic guarantees.

What is an oracle?

Flux not only collects data from its sources, but also aggregates data from other blockchains and other oracles for more accurate information. This is one of the few projects that can have this opportunity.

Oracle from the future

  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast and secure data resolution
  • Resolutions supported by economic guarantors

Optimized for cross-chain support

  • Gateway validator security
  • Supports all leading networks
  • Individual support on the developer channel

Official site of the project | Discord

Prepared by @MissMarp1e (TG) or Kristos#6419 (Discord)