We make creative content for Parallel Finance

Chat in DISCORD: 🎭memes / 🐕🐈pets / 🎨arts / 🍴food

Chat 🎭 memes

We find or create interesting memes in graphics programs and connect them with Parallel Finance. One of the important conditions is all in English (text)

Screenshot of chat memes
Video of how we make memes and post in chat

Recommended programs: Photoshop (for experienced), Paint (for inexperienced)

You can use a site where you can create memes without knowledge of graphics programs such as: http://memesmix.net/

Chat 🐕🐈pets

We take our pet or find it from friends / on the street, put a logo next to it, or even let the animal play with it and take photos, for this they give good points in the area of 15–20 for 1 photo

Chat 🎨 arts

The most interesting thing here is that for this chat we need to include a very good imagination, most often it is associative pictures with blue and pink colors on which we harmoniously fit the Parallel logo (from 20 to 35 points per picture). But the most appreciated in this chat video intro or video with an easy presentation of functions (from 35 to 70 points per video)

You can find services where you just substitute a logo and it turns out cool art

Link where I made a logo without a background in different positions: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14tiR7CwbzWo9jOxHWBu2XHNgtPDRUyfn?usp=sharing

Where I create art: Photoshop (pictures) / Wondershare filmora (video)

Chat 🍴food

We make delicious photos with food, where we put a phone with a logo on the screen (give few points), print on a sheet of paper (average score for Point area 10–15 points) or fantasize and make a Parallel logo from food and get your well-deserved 25- 30 points

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